*** 23:19 ***

If you don't do anything, you won't get any experience.





Peace out!

6Months.jpg6 Months has already passed.
Two weeks ago one of my friends Erika has gone to Brisbane.
Last week Ayumi has gone to Japan.
Today Avis will leave here to go back to Hong-Kong.
Suddenly I got a lot of farewell...
We spent a lot of time on watching movie, playing pool, traveling and drinking and so on.
They are my really really good friend.
But I sometimes feel something.
This life is that some of my friends go back to their country one by one. and I will get new friends, maybe...
We have a just temporary holiday to study, work and travel...
And we must leave this country someday.
It's the cycle of this life and rule...

It's really sad, isn't it?
I have realized about it from the beginning. but recently I really feel and I must think about it.
For the rest of 6 months what kind of meeting and farewell will I have???
It's very happy thing and also very hard thing.
I take care of spending day and day.
Well everyone, let's keep in touch from now on as well as before!
Peace out!



Discount.jpgOh today have started again as usual.
I'm sleepy...
What I have to do today is that I read a specification of discount solution.
Oh I should've learned about Order Management more.
Even if the document is written by Japanese, I think it's also difficult but how come I can understand the document.
Also there are a lot of jargon written.
Anyway I am trying...

Incidentally, the sentence "give me a discount" is "Sage Chuseyo" in Korean.

(>ω<o)  by Kayon

承認待ちコメント  by -


World Cup 2006 in Germany

20051117095717.jpg4 days have been passed since I started to work.
So today I will have a meeting with them.
It is about what I have to do from now on.
Maybe according to hear them, I will have to make test specification of Order Management System.
Oh my god! as you know I'm just trying to understand the system.
Anyway good, good!
I'll do it.
All right!

By the way yesterday there was a match between Australia and Uruguay for qualifying for World Cup 2006 in Germany.
The result is 4 - 2(penalty kick) and Australia beated Uruguay.
Australia's goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer saved the first of two penalties.
Now he is the hero of Soccer in this country.
So Australia qualified for World Cup 2006 as well as Japan.
And Now in this country they say "the coming of age of football".
In the last night many OZ was sounding their horns on the street.
Well, A-leage which is Australian Soccer Leage also has started from this year.
Kazu has belonged to Sydny FC at the moment too.
Seems it will heat up more untill next June certainly.

承認待ちコメント  by -

承認待ちコメント  by -



AAPT.jpgI've started to work for the telecommunication company from yeasterday.
Actually I couldn't have understood what native says.
It's really hard to understand and again I recognized that between our pronounciation and thier's are quite different.
I really really wanna run away.
But they are so kind and they teach me politely about their system .
Now they are making a Order Management System.
And soon they will start to do the integration testing.
Sometimes I can't understand the design and words but I'll make more efforts.
Well my purpose is that I study English and improve my English skill, so I concentrate to do it.
And what I wanna say is ... "Please make me cheer up..."
Anyway I'll do my best so that I could speak English fluently.

me neither!  by maiko
it's still really hard for me to catch native speaker's english.
and i also make stupid mistakes when i speak.
but,i m getting used to speaking with coworker.
「don't be serious」they say me everytime.
so, make many mistakes.
take it easy!
cheer up☆

承認待ちコメント  by -



Internship.jpgI passed the interview of internship.
I'm going to a company which is called "AAPT"( http://www.aapt.com.au/ ).
The company is a kind of telecomunication.
So I kind of think it's like NTT(Japan).
Oh, it's a good company, isn't it?
I met my boss "Greg".
He is very kind and understands my poor English skill. A ha ha...(^^;
But he accepted me to work there.
I'll work for the company as a programming asistant for 2 months from the week after next.
But actually I couldn't understand almost of all the today's interview.
Just I could hear "you can work here from 14th Nov"...
And maybe now they have been making an Order Management Application.
But I'm not sureeee...
Umm... I must speak more and must listen to native talk.
And I'll be tester of the application at first...that's it...
Okay! I'll do, I'll do, I'll do any test as well as anything!
Anyway I think it's better than just going to free school, right?

  by hiroshi
AAPT looks big unlike mine.
I envy you for having many cowokers.It must be valuable time for you! フォー!

good for you♪  by maiko
my maneger name is also 「Greg」
anyway,you can do it^^

すげえ!  by Kayon

I wish you the best of success in your new challenge.



Summer Time

SummerTime.jpgIt has changed "Summer Time" from yesterday.
The time difference between Japan and here became 2 hours though it was 1 hour.
It suddenly became 1 hour fast!
That means...If someone who usually woke up 8 a.m. so far wants to get up at 8 a.m. same as before, he or she has to get up at 7 a.m!!!
Seems like we got a loss.
"Summer Time", is it good? or bad?
Mmmm....I hate it!!!



夏なんだね~  by maiko

  by hiroshi


27 years old

Rose.jpgI got a age again..
And I left this life around for 6 months.
Time flies...
Well I have to consider of my future...
I wonder if this year is the year of "Challenging" for me.
I hope that I will be able to make a lot of foreign friend and to make a lot of memory and to challenge anything.

承認待ちコメント  by -

承認待ちコメント  by -


Puffin Billy

PuffingBilly.jpgPuffingBilly2.jpgI went to Puffin Billy which I could ride on the steam locomotive(SL) with my friends.
How to get there is that at first you go from Flinders street station to Belcrave and it takes around 1 & half hours by train and then we can get on the train.
The weather was not so good today. What a shame!
But we ate korean rice ball(韓国のおにぎり) under the sun and then we rode on the train.
The train has open windows and we can hang out of the window.
At that time the air was really fresh, so it's really briskness!!!
I had so much fun today!

承認待ちコメント  by -

韓国おにぎり  by tomo
It's a kind of 海苔巻き.
But it's not vinegar rice and a bit solty.
I think they use soy source and sesami oil.
And the materials are hum, some vegetables, egg, kinda.
It's also nice taste!
You can ask your korean friends to make it.
And at that time you can say "ギンパブンニガサラ". okay?



Summer.jpgEveryday it's really hot!!!
Though its hot in the afternoon but in the night it's really cold.
It's really strange weather here.

By the way I've finished to see a Korean Drama.
The last scene was so so and I felt it's not good ending.
Next time I'll see the USA drama "Friends" because one of my flat mate will borrow the drama from his friend.
I think movie and drama are really good text.
Also I heard that "Friends" is especially good text to study English, is there anyone who see the drama???


私もみてるよ  by maiko
私もTVで「friends」と「sex and the city」とを毎日のようにみてるよ。あとはsurvivorとかfood show とかみてる。friendsはコメディータッチで、どこに人がいるのか笑い声がしょっちゅう入る番組だよ。笑い声に慣れるまで時間かかったけど、おもしろいよ~^^

オレは  by tomo
ちょっと前まで「Big Brother」っていう有名な番組がやってたけどもう終わっちゃった。


  by hiroshi
I was surprised at the title.
Oh,that reminds me that you are living in opposit season to the one I have gotten used to.
It's getting colder.

Actually,I would prefer “Everybody loves Raymond”.It is also funny drama.
Sometimes I can't understand how funny the situation is like what he wrote , even if I know U.S culture(I hope so).cause they often speak slang and imply something behing the words.
But I learned some words from Frieds such “make out”.....ufufu

Ditto.  by kick
Nice to meet you.

>I would prefer “Everybody loves Raymond
I agree.
I always watch it in weekday.
But FRIENDS is better for learning English than RAYMOND,I think.
Because,in RAYMOND,every conversation is unusual.Not common.
While,in Friends,most of them are very useful for our life.(except Phoebe)

>cause they often speak slang and imply something behing the words.
It means we don't understand their culture...I think.
Forget about it.It's just my opinion.

>make out
I learned this phrasal verb from my teacher.
But it's a little bit different from meaning I've tried to find out now.
What I learned from my teacher is "to kiss for long time deeply".
What my dictionary said is "愛○".
Which is correct?!
Somebody!Teach me.

I want to know the reason why it's very easy to remember sexual slangs...


Full House

FullHouse.jpgI'm crazy on Korean drama "Full House" which was very popular in Korea around 2 years ago recently.
The main actress "Son Hegyo" is really attractive person because she is pretty but her behavior is very natural and not genteel.

at one of the famous scene, she sang a song "Three bears ..." and i think her gesture is really cute.
Oh, I wanna meet someone who is like her..

this drama has 2 main actor and 2 main actress and they make a "四角関係".
And Son Hegyo and Be alway has a quarrel.
But finally they alway get a restoration of relationship.

Now though it's a "韓流" boom in Japan, is this drama broadcasted?
Of course I'm seeing this drama with English subtitle.
Also sometimes I can understand Korean.
That's way that this drama is really nice for me to study English and Korean at once.

Next I wanna watch another Korean drama "I'm sorry, I love you".



Migoren.jpgRecently I'm crazy on "Migoren" which is Indonasian food.
A migoren master taught me how to make a good migoren~.
Now I can't make migoren like the master makes.
But someday...
Anyway Migoren is really cheap, it's just 25 cents!
Everyone, please try it!

* Preparation
- Migoren (normaly 2)
- Egg
- Water
- 気持ち

1. boil water until hot
2. put migoren(only noodle) into the hot water
3. if noodle become soft, throw away water
4. put some source and powder
5. fly water until good condition...
6. put egg and minggle

(´∀`)  by Kayon


なんか Tomo、食の話題多いですわね(^◇^)


Wow!!!! Was it made by nature?

DongRiver.jpgWhat's this picture!?
It's very strange.
Can you see?
If you see this picture with 90 degrees around...
What a surprise!
Then you can see a mother and a daughter, can't you?
Well this is a Chinese river which is called "Dong".
And I heard that this was really made by nature.
I don't know a lot but if I can see the scene like this picture, I wanna go there someday.
Mmm... but it's a really strange, isn't it? ...
And I suspect a bit because if I look carefully , I think this was processed with photoshop or kinda... Anyway I don't know...

Where is this? and is this true?
If you know it, please let me know~.

  by kick
What a strange picture..
I'm not good at this kind of picture...

part1(前回): http://www.imagegateway.net/a?i=J0InaYSEUJ
part2(今回): http://www.imagegateway.net/a?i=K9phZXSEUJ


Who is it?

Illusion.jpgThis is a curious and strange picture.
1. At first please stare at the 4 dots in the middile for 30 sec.
2. And then please stare at another place(ex: wall or single colored surface)
3. And then if your eyes blink keeping at that condition, so maybe you can see something...

who is it?

これはPC Illusionって呼ばれてる不思議な絵らしい。

1. まず初めに絵の中心ぐらいにある4つの点を30秒じーっと見続け、
2. その次に目を他の場所に移してみて(例えば、壁や単一の色の机など)
3. そのままの状態をキープしていると目の前が点滅してきたぐらいに、何か見えてくるはず~


  by hiroshi
isn't it??

I could see the figure during staring drawing as if there were another drawing behind.
and then, it became clear when I saw white wall!!

oh, I have something to tell you.
these days, I feel that this blog is getting heavier and heavier to see.
because of my computer??



FlindersStation.jpgToday I thought that I would remember 200 words per week.
Because I haven't review really until now so I wondered that I had to change my mind seriously.
And also there are a lot of library in Mel, I thought this is very good environment to study all in all.
I will go to library tomorrow.



Where is the best place to live?

WorldMap.jpgI found this web site about "Liveability".
According to this site, Tokyo is 16th livable city in the world.
And Melbourne which I have been living at the morment is 2nd.
1st is Vancouver.
Tokyo is very high cost city as you know and in addition to it, there is a threat of terrorism and of course north korea and earthquake.
Melbourne has been also still threaten by terrorism...Mmm.
But actually I think no one care about it these days.
As you know in Bali there was a bomb in the beach.
it seems that it was bombed by someone who is not al-Qaeda group.
I wonder if there is no safe place.
Though I've never been to Vancouver, is it good city??? safe???
Probably, my friends live in there. How about there?
I wish safe age will come without terrorism A.S.A.P.
Everyone, let's get on with each other.

But where do I wanna live?
I have no idea...at the morment.
But Melbourne is really good place to live.
It's true.

Where do you want to live?

'Sup?  by tomo

Well, I don't know which Toronto is ranked.
I think the city which is the best to live is what kind of friends the person has or what kind of person the person is with or what kind of life style or kinda...

Yeah, wherever we live, it's not different so much, isn't it?

??  by kick
I wrote comment for your comment,but it's not updated..
Let me write it again.

Anyway,'Sup? means "What's up?"
That's it...
"What's up?"
"Was up?"

Sometimes I play basketball with black guys,and then I can listen many many slang at that time.
Because they always complain each other and sometimes fight..
"What's score?"
"Wha~~~t??? It's tied game!!"



Kebab1.jpgKebab2.jpgDo you know Kebab(ケバブ)?
Kebab is a turkish food which is roled chicken, vegetables, lamb, beef and source by pita bread(ナンみたいなやつ) and grilled a few minutes.

Kebab7.jpgKebab5.jpgWhen we went to travel to Blue Mountain, by chance we ate Kebab.
That kebab was really really tasty.マジでよ。チンチャ、マシソッソ(゜д゜)<!

Kebab6.jpgKebab9.jpgAfter that, who would predict that our travel became "kebab-tour" ?
We Jun and Tomo (ケバレンジャー) ate each kebab in each city.
Anyway Kebab サイコー!!!

Today's lunch is Kebab???

  by hiroshi

コメント!  by Kayon

ひさしぶりー☆  by maiko

mexican?  by tomo



Tor.jpgOne of my friend "Tor" has gone back to Thailand.
When I started to study in GEOS, he was my first talking person except my flat mate.
And by chance we were same class, we often went to lounge, pub, party.
When he go back to Thailand, he will study and then he will go to the USA to study management.
He is the elite!
Whereever we are, we can keep in touch!
And someday I wanna work with you in business!
Good luck! Tor!


Gold Coast

I think Gold Coast is really nice spot to take a rest.
There are some very beautiful beach, beautiful sea and beautiful women(≧∇≦)b.
GoldCoast4.jpgAnd a big screen came out in the beach in the night and we can see some movies there.
Watching movie with hearing sea's sound was very nice mood. Really! Lovely!
I almost fall in love to Junichi Σ(゚д゚lll)!
Oh Jesus!I like woman, I like woman.
But if we want to do something for instance diving, surfing like that we have to pay a lot of money.
It's problem!
But if you come here, you can see green sea!
I recommend you to come here!



Brisbane3.jpgBrisbane is north of Sydney.
It takes 1 & half hours by air from Sydney.
But we used train in this travel.
At that time it took 14 hours...(;´ρ`)pigone-
Of course we drunk from the morning━━゚+.ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ.+゚━━ ッ ! ! !.
And then we went around in the city and we met our friends.
one of our friends is my ex-coworker.
She also studies English in Brisbane.
When we were in Japan, we didn't talk a lot and here we were talking about various things.
I felt very wondering.
But I was enjoying.
When she go back to Japan, she will get married with her boyfriend. I envy her(≧∇≦)b-----.
When can I get married??? Mmm...mm..(-_-;
Anyway we rode on a CityCat(≡゚∀゚≡) which is very common vehicle in Brisbane.
Because Brisbane is a river-side city.
The river side city is Venis in Italy!!!
I really wanna go there someday for travel.
And I'll bring a lot of books there and I wanna spend time on sight-seeing and reading and eating!
Anyway I think there are many spot which has good atmosphere in Brisbane.
I wanna come here again.


Sydney ~ the 3nd day ~

we went to Bondi Beach ε゜)))彡 on 3rd day in Sydney.
Actually, sea was cold and there were a few people in the beach.
We couldn't enter the sea.
That's a shame!
But it was good that weather was fine(not rain).
it takes around 30 minutes to go from city to Bondi Beach.
it's very near from city!
Even so sea's color is really beautiful in Australia.
How do you spend your holiday on sydney?
Sydney is good for travelling!


Sydney ~the 2nd day~

we went to Blue Mountain which was one of the famous spot in Sydney.
Blue Mountain is which we can see blue, true to its name.
I heard that the reason that we can see it blue is that almost forest is eucalyptus.
The color of eucalyptus leaves change blue, if it is shined by sun. * eucalyptus : things koara eat
Also Three sisters is very famous Rock.
I'm not sure but maybe we can see those rocks as sister's face???
that's why we call "Three sisters"??? I really wonder...

Sydney9.jpgAnd then we ate Ousie Chicken and went to see a night view in the city.


Sydney ~the 1st day~

Sydney3.jpgThe first day of Sydney was Opela House all in all.
Everyone must go there if he come here! Absolutely!
And we went to the Hyde Park, Sydney Tower, Rocks, Market City, China town and rode on a ferry and so on.
Do you remember this place??? The pond you can see is the place of the movie "Forrest Gump".
And then we ate a Ossie beaf but this was my first time I ate Ossie steak although I've been staying in Australia for 4 months.
Of course drink, drink, drink...
At any rate there were a lot of Japanese and Korean in Sydneyヽ(`д´;)/
I think that it's almost same as Yokohama in Japan and this is a good place for sight-seeing but not the best place to live (^/^)KKK.



Trace.jpgThe beginning of our travel to Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast was from Spencer Street station Melbourne.
The departure time was 19:55 on Friday.
I and Junichi were drinking on the train but at that time we were prohibited drinking draft beer in the train by a station staff.
We didn't know that we couldn't drink draft beer(it seems only Light beer(発泡酒?) is ok...) in the train 'cause in Japan it's normal thing that we drink in the train, especially Shinkansen(Express Line、新幹線) or long distance railway and also normal train.
But we don't usually drink in the normal train.
Only alcoholic does it.
Anyway we were drinking without the station stuff's seeing(^^)v
Because we really wanted to drink beer in the train!
And we've got on the train to Sydney for 12 hours but it's not bad because I could sleep very well in the train(-_-).。o○


Life goes on

That moment of that time was very precious.
We made a lot of memory.
And we live with making it a pabulum.
I have a lot of memory, happy things, sad things, thankful things, lovely things.
So I can live now and future.

I thank that I could meet many friends☆
I thank that I could meet you☆

I'm not strong now.
But I will be more strong.
And sometimes I need a little brave.
And sometimes I need my friend's help.
And sometimes I need your help.
And always I trust friends.
And always I trust you.
And always I believe in myself.

There is nothing I can't do, if I want!!!
The time will come.

Enjoy my life till then:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(^~^)人(^~^)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:

Life goes on...

頑張れ(*^-^*)  by 洋美

承認待ちコメント  by -


Japan and Korea

Today I met Dong Ho who is from Korean and is one of my friend.
We were talking about education and life each other at lounge.
In korea if someone who is his friend go to famous university and his parents have known it then he has to go to famous university.
If someone go to abroad to study, he has to go to abroad to study. Like that.
And almost people have to go to university.
Because thier parents couldn't go to university if they wanted because of wars.
I think some of young people in Korea really have a lot of stress and they sometimes don't enjoy thier life.
And also they have to go to military service if they are male and they have to spend almost 3 years time there.
Of course they hate that culture but they have to...
When they become independent person, normally they are 28 years old.
But Japan is different from Korea recently as you know.
After university almost work and live alone, normally they are 22years old.
And we can choose our life but we have to decide it on my own.
If we want to be a actor, we can try it.
But sometimes they can't.
It seems that now korean is which Japan was at a time in the past.
A long time ago Japan was so.
But now passing time is really fast.
Maybe nearly future Japan and Korea will be exactly same stage.
Recently Korea and Japan have a good relationship each other, sports, drama, movie, food, economy...
I think we should know each culture more, take care, help, cooperate, sometimes compete and consider our problem and talk about it then have a good relationship more.
It's a very good thing for each other in future.
I like Korea.
And I like Japan.


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