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Memoirs of Geisha

MemoirsOfGeisha.jpgI went to see Memoirs of Geisha.
In Australia the movie has been showing from last week at last ><.
The theatre was very crowded, almost full house!
And I saw the movie sitting in the front tier.

The main story was...
Chiyo was sold by her parents to get money.
And she has been used as a slave and suffered from very hard life.
At that time she saw a guy who was called Chear man.
Then she changed her name to Sayuri and she became the best Geisha in the town and she got fame by her attraction especially her blue eyes.

I think the movie is quite interesting.
Because they spoke Japanese and English in a jumble as I've heard from my friends.
The point I thought it was fun was that though the story was Japanese and lots of actor, actoress were Japanese, they talked in English each other.
And description about Japanese culture was not too bad compared to like what is described in other movies (though I don't know about it a lot).
I don't know a lot about Geisha but I don't think they do such a thing like throwing the fan(Sensu) roughly in front of customer.
But the story was quite simple and there was no deep story and no deep human communication.
So on that point there was nothing which makes me move and that was shame.

Btw one of my co-worker who I don't know about was walking around in bare feet just now.
What the hell?! Indeed it's hot but...
Wear your shoes!!!
Well I saw him going into toilet!



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