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i'm home!!!

well, im back home a few days ago from thai.

thai was awesome country.
actually when i've been there before and at that time i got food poisoning so i had been scared of thai food for a long time.
but during in australia i sometimes ate thai food and it was so tasty.
and this time, i tried to eat some thai food on the street and at a thai market timidly.
but it was awesome!!! as i predicted i got stomach ache a little bit but japanese medicine '正露丸'helped me lol

then i had a thai massage and went to some thai style pubs.
although both of them were first time for me, they are really comfortable.
also thai market & shopping are really fun and very cheap and too many shops in the market.
i was worndering if there is a market which is similar to it in japan.
anyway i wanna go to some beaches and some other places which i didnt go this time.

btw i didn't know that we could go to cambodia by bus from thai.
that's very cool too.

well at last i came back to japan and i've guradually adopted japanese environment again.
it's time to look for a job.
i'll start to do it soon.

in summary, my purposes when i decided to go to australia were the following things and i could perform those all! cool isn't it?

- make good friends
- work for computer industry
- become to speak english fluently ^^;
- live there same as i do in japan

and i think it is better that i close this blog now.
from now on i'll appear on mixi or whatever in japanese and i'll use another homepage in english.
http://mixi.jp (only japanese)

thank you for everyone who i met in australia.
thanks to you, i could have really good time and i'll remember and miss you guys.
if i have a chance, i'll visit your countries as much as i can in future.
also i wanna keep in touch with you guys.

c u mate!

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'sup w me!?

oh my god!
i've put on some weight ○kg... since i came here.
uhhh i need 2 diet...

  by Dongho
Hey Tomo chan~! How r u?
I terribly wanna see you even in a photo.
I'm not really interested in the common wealth.^^ I just heard that you live with Jay, a hairdresser and are going back to japan the day after tomorrow. I know you r not a small potato.^^ Good luck to you~!


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