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If you don't do anything, you won't get any experience.






i've been working overtime for this 2,3 days.
but basically it's better than nothing to do, isn't it?
yesterday my co-worker taught me a slang.

Small Potato ... this means just like normal person not but high class person.or じぶんをみくだすいいかた。
you can use this way.

i'm a just small potato, so i must do like what my boss says.

if i say in japanese it's very interesting.

well, slang is not useful for me to study basic English and after i go back to japan but there're very funny expressions so this is a sort of way i can enjoy to talk with OZ.



Long time no write

I haven't written any articles recently.
Somehow recently I've been rather busy at work and drinking...:p
Recently, I usually go to drink with my co-worker.
And they teach me slang.
For example,
alchy ... alchol
I'm pissed ... I'm drunk
sausage festa ... there is no women in the pub
the shit is gonna hit the fan ... I think something bad is gonna happen
...and other dirty slang as well...
Well, it's useful for me? I'm wondering if the time I use those words comes...
But it's very fun, isn't it?

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