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If you don't do anything, you won't get any experience.


Peace out!

6Months.jpg6 Months has already passed.
Two weeks ago one of my friends Erika has gone to Brisbane.
Last week Ayumi has gone to Japan.
Today Avis will leave here to go back to Hong-Kong.
Suddenly I got a lot of farewell...
We spent a lot of time on watching movie, playing pool, traveling and drinking and so on.
They are my really really good friend.
But I sometimes feel something.
This life is that some of my friends go back to their country one by one. and I will get new friends, maybe...
We have a just temporary holiday to study, work and travel...
And we must leave this country someday.
It's the cycle of this life and rule...

It's really sad, isn't it?
I have realized about it from the beginning. but recently I really feel and I must think about it.
For the rest of 6 months what kind of meeting and farewell will I have???
It's very happy thing and also very hard thing.
I take care of spending day and day.
Well everyone, let's keep in touch from now on as well as before!
Peace out!



Discount.jpgOh today have started again as usual.
I'm sleepy...
What I have to do today is that I read a specification of discount solution.
Oh I should've learned about Order Management more.
Even if the document is written by Japanese, I think it's also difficult but how come I can understand the document.
Also there are a lot of jargon written.
Anyway I am trying...

Incidentally, the sentence "give me a discount" is "Sage Chuseyo" in Korean.

(>ω<o)  by Kayon

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World Cup 2006 in Germany

20051117095717.jpg4 days have been passed since I started to work.
So today I will have a meeting with them.
It is about what I have to do from now on.
Maybe according to hear them, I will have to make test specification of Order Management System.
Oh my god! as you know I'm just trying to understand the system.
Anyway good, good!
I'll do it.
All right!

By the way yesterday there was a match between Australia and Uruguay for qualifying for World Cup 2006 in Germany.
The result is 4 - 2(penalty kick) and Australia beated Uruguay.
Australia's goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer saved the first of two penalties.
Now he is the hero of Soccer in this country.
So Australia qualified for World Cup 2006 as well as Japan.
And Now in this country they say "the coming of age of football".
In the last night many OZ was sounding their horns on the street.
Well, A-leage which is Australian Soccer Leage also has started from this year.
Kazu has belonged to Sydny FC at the moment too.
Seems it will heat up more untill next June certainly.

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AAPT.jpgI've started to work for the telecommunication company from yeasterday.
Actually I couldn't have understood what native says.
It's really hard to understand and again I recognized that between our pronounciation and thier's are quite different.
I really really wanna run away.
But they are so kind and they teach me politely about their system .
Now they are making a Order Management System.
And soon they will start to do the integration testing.
Sometimes I can't understand the design and words but I'll make more efforts.
Well my purpose is that I study English and improve my English skill, so I concentrate to do it.
And what I wanna say is ... "Please make me cheer up..."
Anyway I'll do my best so that I could speak English fluently.

me neither!  by maiko
it's still really hard for me to catch native speaker's english.
and i also make stupid mistakes when i speak.
but,i m getting used to speaking with coworker.
「don't be serious」they say me everytime.
so, make many mistakes.
take it easy!
cheer up☆

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Internship.jpgI passed the interview of internship.
I'm going to a company which is called "AAPT"( http://www.aapt.com.au/ ).
The company is a kind of telecomunication.
So I kind of think it's like NTT(Japan).
Oh, it's a good company, isn't it?
I met my boss "Greg".
He is very kind and understands my poor English skill. A ha ha...(^^;
But he accepted me to work there.
I'll work for the company as a programming asistant for 2 months from the week after next.
But actually I couldn't understand almost of all the today's interview.
Just I could hear "you can work here from 14th Nov"...
And maybe now they have been making an Order Management Application.
But I'm not sureeee...
Umm... I must speak more and must listen to native talk.
And I'll be tester of the application at first...that's it...
Okay! I'll do, I'll do, I'll do any test as well as anything!
Anyway I think it's better than just going to free school, right?

  by hiroshi
AAPT looks big unlike mine.
I envy you for having many cowokers.It must be valuable time for you! フォー!

good for you♪  by maiko
my maneger name is also 「Greg」
anyway,you can do it^^

すげえ!  by Kayon

I wish you the best of success in your new challenge.



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