*** 23:19 ***

If you don't do anything, you won't get any experience.



Tor.jpgOne of my friend "Tor" has gone back to Thailand.
When I started to study in GEOS, he was my first talking person except my flat mate.
And by chance we were same class, we often went to lounge, pub, party.
When he go back to Thailand, he will study and then he will go to the USA to study management.
He is the elite!
Whereever we are, we can keep in touch!
And someday I wanna work with you in business!
Good luck! Tor!



Gold Coast

I think Gold Coast is really nice spot to take a rest.
There are some very beautiful beach, beautiful sea and beautiful women(≧∇≦)b.
GoldCoast4.jpgAnd a big screen came out in the beach in the night and we can see some movies there.
Watching movie with hearing sea's sound was very nice mood. Really! Lovely!
I almost fall in love to Junichi Σ(゚д゚lll)!
Oh Jesus!I like woman, I like woman.
But if we want to do something for instance diving, surfing like that we have to pay a lot of money.
It's problem!
But if you come here, you can see green sea!
I recommend you to come here!



Brisbane3.jpgBrisbane is north of Sydney.
It takes 1 & half hours by air from Sydney.
But we used train in this travel.
At that time it took 14 hours...(;´ρ`)pigone-
Of course we drunk from the morning━━゚+.ヽ(≧▽≦)ノ.+゚━━ ッ ! ! !.
And then we went around in the city and we met our friends.
one of our friends is my ex-coworker.
She also studies English in Brisbane.
When we were in Japan, we didn't talk a lot and here we were talking about various things.
I felt very wondering.
But I was enjoying.
When she go back to Japan, she will get married with her boyfriend. I envy her(≧∇≦)b-----.
When can I get married??? Mmm...mm..(-_-;
Anyway we rode on a CityCat(≡゚∀゚≡) which is very common vehicle in Brisbane.
Because Brisbane is a river-side city.
The river side city is Venis in Italy!!!
I really wanna go there someday for travel.
And I'll bring a lot of books there and I wanna spend time on sight-seeing and reading and eating!
Anyway I think there are many spot which has good atmosphere in Brisbane.
I wanna come here again.


Sydney ~ the 3nd day ~

we went to Bondi Beach ε゜)))彡 on 3rd day in Sydney.
Actually, sea was cold and there were a few people in the beach.
We couldn't enter the sea.
That's a shame!
But it was good that weather was fine(not rain).
it takes around 30 minutes to go from city to Bondi Beach.
it's very near from city!
Even so sea's color is really beautiful in Australia.
How do you spend your holiday on sydney?
Sydney is good for travelling!


Sydney ~the 2nd day~

we went to Blue Mountain which was one of the famous spot in Sydney.
Blue Mountain is which we can see blue, true to its name.
I heard that the reason that we can see it blue is that almost forest is eucalyptus.
The color of eucalyptus leaves change blue, if it is shined by sun. * eucalyptus : things koara eat
Also Three sisters is very famous Rock.
I'm not sure but maybe we can see those rocks as sister's face???
that's why we call "Three sisters"??? I really wonder...

Sydney9.jpgAnd then we ate Ousie Chicken and went to see a night view in the city.


Sydney ~the 1st day~

Sydney3.jpgThe first day of Sydney was Opela House all in all.
Everyone must go there if he come here! Absolutely!
And we went to the Hyde Park, Sydney Tower, Rocks, Market City, China town and rode on a ferry and so on.
Do you remember this place??? The pond you can see is the place of the movie "Forrest Gump".
And then we ate a Ossie beaf but this was my first time I ate Ossie steak although I've been staying in Australia for 4 months.
Of course drink, drink, drink...
At any rate there were a lot of Japanese and Korean in Sydneyヽ(`д´;)/
I think that it's almost same as Yokohama in Japan and this is a good place for sight-seeing but not the best place to live (^/^)KKK.



Trace.jpgThe beginning of our travel to Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast was from Spencer Street station Melbourne.
The departure time was 19:55 on Friday.
I and Junichi were drinking on the train but at that time we were prohibited drinking draft beer in the train by a station staff.
We didn't know that we couldn't drink draft beer(it seems only Light beer(発泡酒?) is ok...) in the train 'cause in Japan it's normal thing that we drink in the train, especially Shinkansen(Express Line、新幹線) or long distance railway and also normal train.
But we don't usually drink in the normal train.
Only alcoholic does it.
Anyway we were drinking without the station stuff's seeing(^^)v
Because we really wanted to drink beer in the train!
And we've got on the train to Sydney for 12 hours but it's not bad because I could sleep very well in the train(-_-).。o○


Life goes on

That moment of that time was very precious.
We made a lot of memory.
And we live with making it a pabulum.
I have a lot of memory, happy things, sad things, thankful things, lovely things.
So I can live now and future.

I thank that I could meet many friends☆
I thank that I could meet you☆

I'm not strong now.
But I will be more strong.
And sometimes I need a little brave.
And sometimes I need my friend's help.
And sometimes I need your help.
And always I trust friends.
And always I trust you.
And always I believe in myself.

There is nothing I can't do, if I want!!!
The time will come.

Enjoy my life till then:*:・。,☆゚'・:*:・。,ヽ(^~^)人(^~^)ノ ,。・:*:・゚'☆,。・:*:

Life goes on...

頑張れ(*^-^*)  by 洋美

承認待ちコメント  by -


Japan and Korea

Today I met Dong Ho who is from Korean and is one of my friend.
We were talking about education and life each other at lounge.
In korea if someone who is his friend go to famous university and his parents have known it then he has to go to famous university.
If someone go to abroad to study, he has to go to abroad to study. Like that.
And almost people have to go to university.
Because thier parents couldn't go to university if they wanted because of wars.
I think some of young people in Korea really have a lot of stress and they sometimes don't enjoy thier life.
And also they have to go to military service if they are male and they have to spend almost 3 years time there.
Of course they hate that culture but they have to...
When they become independent person, normally they are 28 years old.
But Japan is different from Korea recently as you know.
After university almost work and live alone, normally they are 22years old.
And we can choose our life but we have to decide it on my own.
If we want to be a actor, we can try it.
But sometimes they can't.
It seems that now korean is which Japan was at a time in the past.
A long time ago Japan was so.
But now passing time is really fast.
Maybe nearly future Japan and Korea will be exactly same stage.
Recently Korea and Japan have a good relationship each other, sports, drama, movie, food, economy...
I think we should know each culture more, take care, help, cooperate, sometimes compete and consider our problem and talk about it then have a good relationship more.
It's a very good thing for each other in future.
I like Korea.
And I like Japan.


Queens Victoria Market

Queen_Victoria_Market_3.jpgQueens Victoria Market is one of the famous spot in Melbourne.
It's a really big market which we can buy almost every daily necessities and near my house.
I've been there many times.
Because price is very cheap comparing with another supermarket.
And also I can enjoy only looking around there.

Today I bought a sun-glasses and some daily necessities.
I enjoyed today too.

what's up bro!?  by hiroshi
I'm grad to see how much enjoyable time you have!!
Oh, your clothes are very familiar for me...
Didn't you buy any other clothes??
but but me neither,I know we are pure guys...oh,my god!

Today,NY is also such a lovely day that I wanna go out as soon as possible!! shopping? walking? eat something??
Anyway I'm going right now.


Smith Street

Smith_Street.jpgI went to the Smith street today.
This place has a lot of second hand shop, for example Nike, Adidas, Converse, and so on. and of course there are a lot of casual wear shop.
Today was second time I came here.
I didn't buy anything but I saw many things.
I'm satisfied, satisfied.
Souvluki.jpgAnd I ate a souvluki which was Greek food.
That taste was so good.
I suppose to go there again.


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