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Where is the best place to live?

WorldMap.jpgI found this web site about "Liveability".
According to this site, Tokyo is 16th livable city in the world.
And Melbourne which I have been living at the morment is 2nd.
1st is Vancouver.
Tokyo is very high cost city as you know and in addition to it, there is a threat of terrorism and of course north korea and earthquake.
Melbourne has been also still threaten by terrorism...Mmm.
But actually I think no one care about it these days.
As you know in Bali there was a bomb in the beach.
it seems that it was bombed by someone who is not al-Qaeda group.
I wonder if there is no safe place.
Though I've never been to Vancouver, is it good city??? safe???
Probably, my friends live in there. How about there?
I wish safe age will come without terrorism A.S.A.P.
Everyone, let's get on with each other.

But where do I wanna live?
I have no idea...at the morment.
But Melbourne is really good place to live.
It's true.

Where do you want to live?

'Sup?  by tomo

Well, I don't know which Toronto is ranked.
I think the city which is the best to live is what kind of friends the person has or what kind of person the person is with or what kind of life style or kinda...

Yeah, wherever we live, it's not different so much, isn't it?

??  by kick
I wrote comment for your comment,but it's not updated..
Let me write it again.

Anyway,'Sup? means "What's up?"
That's it...
"What's up?"
"Was up?"

Sometimes I play basketball with black guys,and then I can listen many many slang at that time.
Because they always complain each other and sometimes fight..
"What's score?"
"Wha~~~t??? It's tied game!!"


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