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If you don't do anything, you won't get any experience.


i'm home!!!

well, im back home a few days ago from thai.

thai was awesome country.
actually when i've been there before and at that time i got food poisoning so i had been scared of thai food for a long time.
but during in australia i sometimes ate thai food and it was so tasty.
and this time, i tried to eat some thai food on the street and at a thai market timidly.
but it was awesome!!! as i predicted i got stomach ache a little bit but japanese medicine '正露丸'helped me lol

then i had a thai massage and went to some thai style pubs.
although both of them were first time for me, they are really comfortable.
also thai market & shopping are really fun and very cheap and too many shops in the market.
i was worndering if there is a market which is similar to it in japan.
anyway i wanna go to some beaches and some other places which i didnt go this time.

btw i didn't know that we could go to cambodia by bus from thai.
that's very cool too.

well at last i came back to japan and i've guradually adopted japanese environment again.
it's time to look for a job.
i'll start to do it soon.

in summary, my purposes when i decided to go to australia were the following things and i could perform those all! cool isn't it?

- make good friends
- work for computer industry
- become to speak english fluently ^^;
- live there same as i do in japan

and i think it is better that i close this blog now.
from now on i'll appear on mixi or whatever in japanese and i'll use another homepage in english.
http://mixi.jp (only japanese)

thank you for everyone who i met in australia.
thanks to you, i could have really good time and i'll remember and miss you guys.
if i have a chance, i'll visit your countries as much as i can in future.
also i wanna keep in touch with you guys.

c u mate!

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My work was extended again!
it's just for a week tho..

After that I gotta go to a school again and the class will be for IELTs test...
Ummm, time flies...

こんにちは  by ゆうな


People vanished!!!

CommonWealthGame.gifThe common Wealth Game has been taken place in Melbourne this week.
It is like an Olynpic Game but only England and the countries which was territory of England take part in this Game.
But today I saw a news and I'm surprised the news.
The news says eight athletes vanished suddenly.
They are supposed to appear the Common Wealth Game.
At first I thought they were involved in any bad trouble.
But I asked to my co-worker. and he said "It is very common. because they who vanished suddenly were very poor and this time they could come here(Australia) without paying any money.
They are from Tanzanian,Bangladeshi and so on(maybe) and they can't get a good job, well pay, so if they live here even if it's illegally, they are happier than being in their country.
And if we saw on the street who can recognized them?"
"Oh, i see." I said.
They needed to do it to be alive even if they were proffessional athletes in their country.
So how does normal people in their country live?
Well we need to know how happy we were.
And we need to know what happens in the world.
I thought so today.



I caught a cold... I'm hard to work snively...
Everyone, take care~ too

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i've been working overtime for this 2,3 days.
but basically it's better than nothing to do, isn't it?
yesterday my co-worker taught me a slang.

Small Potato ... this means just like normal person not but high class person.or じぶんをみくだすいいかた。
you can use this way.

i'm a just small potato, so i must do like what my boss says.

if i say in japanese it's very interesting.

well, slang is not useful for me to study basic English and after i go back to japan but there're very funny expressions so this is a sort of way i can enjoy to talk with OZ.


Long time no write

I haven't written any articles recently.
Somehow recently I've been rather busy at work and drinking...:p
Recently, I usually go to drink with my co-worker.
And they teach me slang.
For example,
alchy ... alchol
I'm pissed ... I'm drunk
sausage festa ... there is no women in the pub
the shit is gonna hit the fan ... I think something bad is gonna happen
...and other dirty slang as well...
Well, it's useful for me? I'm wondering if the time I use those words comes...
But it's very fun, isn't it?

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Big Day Out!

BigDayOut.gifI went to Big Day Out!
Which is the biggest Rock Music Festival in Australia (maybe). like Fuji Rock in Japan.
The location was Princess Park at North Carlton.
In this time the following artist appeared on stage...
Seems to me that they performed as well as they could!
I think the living end was the best of them all.
They were awesome!!!
Because I think everyone felt drawn toward them.
And I thought Music was universal language.
We can enjoy and share the time, right?
Well, The white stripes, Franz Ferdinand were also nice.
But at that time I had terrible headache because of tired and hot so I couldn't concentrate it. such a shame...
Maybe I will never go to the concert again.
So what I went to concert here was one of my good memories!
Which concert should I attend next??? I will be in Japan so, Summer Sonic?

*@"#G:-+ Artist *@"#G:-+
- The White Stripes
- Iggy & The Stooges
- Franz Ferdinand
- Kings of Leon
- Henry Rollins
- The Mars Volta
- Soulwax
- 2 Many DJs
- Sleater-Kinney
- The Magic Numbers
- The Living End
- Shihad
- Wolfmother
- End of Fashion
- Gerling
- Dei Hamo
- Mudvayne
- The Go! Team
- Mikey Dread
- The Subways
- DJ James Murphy
- The Greenhornes
- Kid Kenobi plus MC Sureshock

  by kid-A
The next concert will be ROCK in JAPAN. must be

That is one of the things I missed when I was in NY.
what else?? dont care.
cause these are very small such as ウォシュレット、あいちゃん(my dog!) and Japanese girls.

anyway, I agree with u.
Music is world language.


Tram Driver!

TramCoke.jpgYesterday, I was getting on tram.
And suddenly the tram driver stopped the tram and got off from the tram and went somewhere.
at that time I was wondering if where he went.
a few minutes later...
the tram drive came back with Coca Cola!!!
what the hell??
this is this culture that we can't accept in Japan or we don't predict that it happens in Japan.
But I am used to accept it because this is Australia so it happens normally.


43 do

PortMelbourne.jpgThe day before yesterday was around 38 degrees and yesterday was around 43 degrees.
Have you tried hot wind before?
Wind is rather hot!!!! Can you believe it???
I almost died...
But today it is around twenty-something degree...
Melbourne's weather is so weirD!

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  by kid-A
It is 38 degree in NY now・・・in winter
and it was over 95 degree in summer・・・

u know what??
We have deferent degree not Centigrade but Fahrenheit.
so I have to calculate to Centigrade ,which I'm familiar with, to see how hot and cold.

Its like -32 x 5/9・・・
oh, man! fucking Fahrenheit! I hate it!!


Thanx mate!

Shine.jpgDong Ho has gone back to Korea.
Everything was very good memory.
He is... who I knew when I started to go to language school and I have played with him including "family" since then.
He was alway made a joke in our class and made a very good mood.
Owing to it we really enjoyed in the class.
After graduation, we were alway together, talked a lot of things, drunk until being pissed, laugh together and sometimes argued.
That's why I could be here.
Yeah, it is not too much to say so.
I will also go back to Japan in the near future and make my life.
From now on we might make quite different life but let's keep in touch together.
I am sure that he can make good life! Fight!
And I am sure that we meet again and then let's have a fun!

Anyway thank you for everything and C u soon, my buddy!

Now I am wondering if he is in Narita and nothing to do(^^)
And Jay hee, thank u for your calling from Korea!

don don  by taka chan


Welcome Back To MEL

Crowd.jpgone of my best friends Seulbi came back to melbourne from korea.
she is rather funny girl and talkative and lives with dong ho and other friends.but she'd stayed in korea for a month-ish and her english became not good so i am really worried about it after going back to japan.

anyway someone go back to their country and another come back to melbourne and it happened frequently.
oh, melbourne is very busy city.

well we drunk korean soju a bit! it was a bit strong compared to normal soju(melbourne soju) but masiso~.
when i go back to japan, i will preach you not english but korean LOL.


Good Luck!

Crown.jpgMy best bloke "Jay Hee" has gone to Korea this morning.
I was wondering if he really liked "Crown" LOL.
so I always try to persuade him stop going to "Crown".
but he was alway eager to go there and to take me.
so I couldn't refuse it LOL.

anyway it was a very very great days we spent together. pool,crown,lounge, great ocean, sydney, etc......

have a good life and good luck, jay hee!
see you again!

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  by tomo
Crown is just like playground for adult as you like(^^KKK



Recently my terrible English is really really problem.
Actually I'm down and tired....besides, my frinds would go back their country soon.
So I was thinking when I should go back home.
But today my boss gave me extension. I mean I continue to work for them 1 month more.
This is really good news for me!
Actually I don't think I could improve my English while I was working.
But also I realized that I need to take more and more time to speak with local people.
Thank you, my boss!
Actually I couldn't understand your speaking exactly:p
I will do my be----st.

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  by tomo



Christmas in Melbourne

Christmas of Melbourne was really small, desolate and nothing to do.
Every shops were closed and there were few people in the city.
I heard local people were staying in their house.
So indeed when I saw some people, almost of all them were asian...
Well, we had a party as local people did, it was good because I had a lot of food and drinks and cakes.
this year's christmas was just "EATING".



KnitCapOfSanta.jpgToday one of my colleague was wearing the knit cap of Santa Claus.
But anyone didn't say anything!
Someone please say something to her!!!
Anyway I could see an Australian culture.
And she was wearing that cap all day and went home.

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サンタの帽子  by maiko


  by tomo
well, next day she was wearing christmas tree.


Christmas Party

SurfingSanta.jpgYesterday I went to have a lunch with my collegue.
My team made the party as a Christmas Party.
And we went to the restaurant near our company.
I ate a chiken permegiana.
maybe it's a traditional australian food and very big!
I barely finished it.
And regardless of having a lunch we drunk a lot.
Actually I was pissed a bit.
Owing to it, I couldn't concentrate to work after that.

And I went to Kayoko's home to have a Christmas party on last Saturday.
It was really nice because there were a lot of delicious food and we talked a lot.
I could enjoyed that day.

And before that day I went to Christian's Christmas party with my collegue.
It's also very good experiance.
Because I learned about the birth of Christ seeing a play.
But I felt they wanna make me to be a Christian.
Well, I don't think I would be a Christian.
It's just a good experiance.

Oh, maybe I will have a another Christmas party with my friends in this week.
Too many parties!

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hey hey!!  by taka chan
anyway,Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy new year☆



甘いような酸っぱい様な。Sweet Chiliの辛くないような変な味。

くくくっ  by Kayon

マヨラー…  by マユミ



We had a BBQ party.
But unfortunately it was raining a bit at that time, so we used cafeteria which is in our company instead of going to beach.
It was good time to talk with OZ.
But still I can't understand.
When can I listen to them completely?

By the way, they call BBQ barby(バービィー).
it is pronounced same as 'バービィー' of 'バービィーにんぎょう'.
So many Japanese are comfused at first time when they heard about what OZ is talking about BBQ.



Yesterday, I did 1 hour overtime after a long time.
Because I must finish the task within this week.
And tomorrow my company will be close at 3 ish and we then go to beach(?) to have a BBQ.
So I will be busy today and tomorrow morning as well as yesterday.
But I feel good!
I like 'busy'. Oh because of I'm Japanese?

P.S. I've forgot to release this article.
But I think that there is much point in writing in English so I release it.


Peace out!

6Months.jpg6 Months has already passed.
Two weeks ago one of my friends Erika has gone to Brisbane.
Last week Ayumi has gone to Japan.
Today Avis will leave here to go back to Hong-Kong.
Suddenly I got a lot of farewell...
We spent a lot of time on watching movie, playing pool, traveling and drinking and so on.
They are my really really good friend.
But I sometimes feel something.
This life is that some of my friends go back to their country one by one. and I will get new friends, maybe...
We have a just temporary holiday to study, work and travel...
And we must leave this country someday.
It's the cycle of this life and rule...

It's really sad, isn't it?
I have realized about it from the beginning. but recently I really feel and I must think about it.
For the rest of 6 months what kind of meeting and farewell will I have???
It's very happy thing and also very hard thing.
I take care of spending day and day.
Well everyone, let's keep in touch from now on as well as before!
Peace out!



Discount.jpgOh today have started again as usual.
I'm sleepy...
What I have to do today is that I read a specification of discount solution.
Oh I should've learned about Order Management more.
Even if the document is written by Japanese, I think it's also difficult but how come I can understand the document.
Also there are a lot of jargon written.
Anyway I am trying...

Incidentally, the sentence "give me a discount" is "Sage Chuseyo" in Korean.

(>ω<o)  by Kayon

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World Cup 2006 in Germany

20051117095717.jpg4 days have been passed since I started to work.
So today I will have a meeting with them.
It is about what I have to do from now on.
Maybe according to hear them, I will have to make test specification of Order Management System.
Oh my god! as you know I'm just trying to understand the system.
Anyway good, good!
I'll do it.
All right!

By the way yesterday there was a match between Australia and Uruguay for qualifying for World Cup 2006 in Germany.
The result is 4 - 2(penalty kick) and Australia beated Uruguay.
Australia's goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer saved the first of two penalties.
Now he is the hero of Soccer in this country.
So Australia qualified for World Cup 2006 as well as Japan.
And Now in this country they say "the coming of age of football".
In the last night many OZ was sounding their horns on the street.
Well, A-leage which is Australian Soccer Leage also has started from this year.
Kazu has belonged to Sydny FC at the moment too.
Seems it will heat up more untill next June certainly.

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AAPT.jpgI've started to work for the telecommunication company from yeasterday.
Actually I couldn't have understood what native says.
It's really hard to understand and again I recognized that between our pronounciation and thier's are quite different.
I really really wanna run away.
But they are so kind and they teach me politely about their system .
Now they are making a Order Management System.
And soon they will start to do the integration testing.
Sometimes I can't understand the design and words but I'll make more efforts.
Well my purpose is that I study English and improve my English skill, so I concentrate to do it.
And what I wanna say is ... "Please make me cheer up..."
Anyway I'll do my best so that I could speak English fluently.

me neither!  by maiko
it's still really hard for me to catch native speaker's english.
and i also make stupid mistakes when i speak.
but,i m getting used to speaking with coworker.
「don't be serious」they say me everytime.
so, make many mistakes.
take it easy!
cheer up☆

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Internship.jpgI passed the interview of internship.
I'm going to a company which is called "AAPT"( http://www.aapt.com.au/ ).
The company is a kind of telecomunication.
So I kind of think it's like NTT(Japan).
Oh, it's a good company, isn't it?
I met my boss "Greg".
He is very kind and understands my poor English skill. A ha ha...(^^;
But he accepted me to work there.
I'll work for the company as a programming asistant for 2 months from the week after next.
But actually I couldn't understand almost of all the today's interview.
Just I could hear "you can work here from 14th Nov"...
And maybe now they have been making an Order Management Application.
But I'm not sureeee...
Umm... I must speak more and must listen to native talk.
And I'll be tester of the application at first...that's it...
Okay! I'll do, I'll do, I'll do any test as well as anything!
Anyway I think it's better than just going to free school, right?

  by hiroshi
AAPT looks big unlike mine.
I envy you for having many cowokers.It must be valuable time for you! フォー!

good for you♪  by maiko
my maneger name is also 「Greg」
anyway,you can do it^^

すげえ!  by Kayon

I wish you the best of success in your new challenge.



Summer Time

SummerTime.jpgIt has changed "Summer Time" from yesterday.
The time difference between Japan and here became 2 hours though it was 1 hour.
It suddenly became 1 hour fast!
That means...If someone who usually woke up 8 a.m. so far wants to get up at 8 a.m. same as before, he or she has to get up at 7 a.m!!!
Seems like we got a loss.
"Summer Time", is it good? or bad?
Mmmm....I hate it!!!



夏なんだね~  by maiko

  by hiroshi


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